Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of a home and we want to build a thorough plan beginning with your goals and create a plan to determine how to achieve those goals.  We realize most people still live in their home while the construction phase is under way; we make all accommodations we can to help you through the process.  By working with professional kitchen designers, expert kitchen renovation specialists, and using top quality products our goal is to complete the dream space you have been planning in your mind.


Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation can be as simple as changing a tub faucet to rearranging walls so we can create the ideal get away space in a master suite.  We are honored for you to trust us in either one.  We want to fully understand your goals in the planning stage to make sure we give good recommendations.


Kitchen and Bathroom Design


Our in-house designer can help you with selection, layout, and dressing up your cabinets for any room where attractive and functional storage is needed.  While kitchen and bath is a large percentage of projects we see, we enjoy redesigning these spaces and to help you realize your dreams, while  giving you input from our designers and contractors.  You or your contractor can install your new cabinet package if you prefer.  Our carpenters specialize in cabinetry and trim work and would be glad to assist on your project.


Walk In Tub Installation

We offer walk in tub installation services.


Tub Step Installation

A tub step installation converts the tub into a shower.  This makes getting in and out of the tub/shower easier.


Tub or Bathroom Sink Refinishing

Tub or bathroom sink looking dingy and just won't come clean?  We offer tub, tub/shower, and vanity sink refinishing as a project.  Room needs to be well ventilated during project.


Hobby Rooms

Our goal with a craft/hobby room is to make the space convenient for your hobby and comfortable for you to use while being creative.  Most of us do not get to spend as much time in these spaces as we would like so you should make the most of that time.  Proper lighting and storage allows you to work more easily and hard surface floors make it much easier to keep clean.  We may want to add a rinse sink, more outlets or lighting, or skylights for natural light.


Basement Finishout

A well finished basement can be an entirely new space without the cost of an addition.  We want to begin by checking and addressing any water infiltration concerns and see that proper insulation is in place.  We like to consider how you will use the space and add a few touches that fit your style and add function.  We can add new plumbing on a pump system and put all the proper electrical in place for the new space.  Good lighting is important especially if you are short on natural light.  We can finish it all off as a media room, hobby palace, or extra storage for your favorite pasttimes.


Garage Renovation


Reworking your garage space can create a user friendly space to store those outdoor items as well as showing off that prized ride.  Some people may only need a little help cleaning out the old junk and hauling it off.  Something to consider is adding new shelving and cabinetry, lighting, electrical, and plumbing for that ideal workshop, resurfacing the concrete floor, and protecting the walls.  Don't forget that old garage door and opener.


Whole Home Backup Generator

Our licensed and factory trained installers will review your specific needs for your home and recommend the proper size generator for your needs and we explain how we will connect to your homes existing utilities.  We install Generac brand whole home stand by back up generators.  This means you do not have to do anything when the power company has a failure in the power grid.  The generator has smart technology that automatically detects the loss of power and starts the engine and produces generator power and will continue to run until the utility has restored power.  Then it automatically shuts down and returns to stand by mode until needed again.  The operation of Whole Home Standby Generator will require connection to a source of propane (250 gallon tank minimum) or local Natural gas utility.



From the top down, your roof is the first protection you have from the weather.  A quality shingled roof should last 20-30 years and can be expected to keep you dry for a generation.  It is not just the shingles that make a roof.  Flashing that's made of metal or rubber membranes that protect corners, valleys, edges, and around the pipe in your roof to keep the water out in these specialty areas and should be installed and attached correctly.  



Exterior siding completes the envelope of the home as the outer skin protecting it from the elements.  This should be durable, active, and properly maintained over time. All homes should be washed about every three years to reduce staining from the elements and ensure mildew or moss is not starting to work its way between the pieces.  This is true with brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, wood, or composite siding.  Some materials are considered maintenance free because you do not need to continually paint them each year, but an annual close inspection is a good idea.  We offer installation of new siding when that time arrives.  Contact us today to review your home and future projects for expert advice.


Home Additions

Expanding and adding on your home is no small decision to make.  We want to be involved early on with you and your architect or engineer in laying out a project like this.  We want to have the finish inside and out as seamless with the original part of the house as possible.  We will review your mechanical systems, framing structure, and aspects of your property in order to make recommendations for the benefit of your house and your family.


Decks & Porches

Adding or replacing a deck or porch can create new and better living space for your family and friends.  The decisions you make here have a great affect on the look of your home and we want to make sure you can visualize the finish before we begin construction.  These spaces are not to be taken lightly when structured and we must build these with the same level of care and attention to structural support as there is often a long fall if short cuts are taken.


Garage Floors

Personalize your garage to reflect your interests with durable and easy to clean tiles.  These tiles are manufactured to withstand the weight of a vehicle of any kind.  There are many different colors and styles available.


Closet Organization

Customized closet storage to meet your individual organizational needs so you can make your closet your own.


Plumbing Installation

The old joke is there are only three three rules to plumbing: hot is on the left, payday is on Friday, and everything goes down hill.  Actually there are more rules than that.  Our plumbers have learned how different metals react chemically over time, what small details can help prevent clogs, and to provide access for future maintenance.  We know from experience many of the things we should anticipate before we begin work so we can reduce the number of unforeseen problems because we can foresee some of them.  We will always modify and repair your plumbing system to current plumbing codes.  We will also obtain permits and schedule inspections when needed.  Our plumbing offers include water heater installation as part of our remodeling and construction services, and whole house re-piping when that is needed as a stand alone project. 


Insulation Services


Most people realize that proper insulation in walls, attics, and crawlspaces is very important to having a comfortable and efficient home.  It is equally as important to seal your home from air flow.  Leaving 4 holes the size of quarter is more than a $1.00 mistake; it is equivalent to leaving the window open for 5 minutes a day.  We offer a full range of insulation installation services including just a few pieces during a repair, full house insulation of fiberglass in floors and walls, blown in loose fill fiberglass or cellulose in attics, closed cell spray foam helping to seal every possible hole, open cell spray foam for noise reduction, and a variety of specialty applications.  Old blown in attic insulation can contain a multitude of contaminants including soot residue, animal droppings, years of dust and pollen, mold, and anything else that can get in the attic and not leave.  Removing old insulation also can reveal outdated or damaged wiring, evidence of leaks, or holes in framing and finishes that should be sealed from air flow to reduce heat loss and spread of fire in wall cavities.


Water Heater Installation

Water heaters.


Electrical Services

Electrical work should always be left to the professionals.  Our electricians have spent  their careers learning how electricity works and many of the ways is can go wrong.  When wires are installed it is not just about hooking color wires together.  A wire that is not properly secured to the house framing is subject to being damaged by animals or workers, and a wire that is nailed improperly can pinch it causing a weak spot that could heat up and even break over time.  We recommend that older wiring such as cloth wrapped or knob and tube wiring be replaced.  Screw in fuse panels can fail and are potentially dangerous with the slip of a finger when replacing fuses.  We have seen a number of failures in certain brands of beaker boxes including: Wadsworth, Zinsco, Federal Pacific, FPE,  and some ITE panels.  These should be inspected and possiby replaced by a licensed electrician.  We offer wiring services of all sizes as part of our remodeling and construction projects.  We also offer projects of replacement of main breaker boxes, and projects that included rewiring of an entire (or large portion) of an existing home.  


Heat, Ventilation, and Air condition services

We partner with local HVAC contractors to assist you with modifications and replacement to your homes heat and air systems.  Often we can make small inexpensive modification to your duct work as part of a remodeling project that can be done by our carpenters as we complete other tasks.  Our partners can install new energy efficient gas and heat pump whole house systems, or mini splits for smaller or remote areas of your home.  Ventilation is the Cinderella of HVAC (often overlooked, but makes a world of difference in a home).  Bathroom vent fans, kitchen range hoods, clothes dryer exhaust, and gas water heaters should be vented to the exterior of the house with ridged metal vent piping.  Flexible, loose, or cheap plastic piping holds moisture, then rots in place.  Soft and flexible pipings are also more seceptable to rodent damage.  When these are just vented to the attic it can cause moisture build up, heat loss, and an entry point for dust and animals to enter the home.  We can replace existing or install ventalation where needed.


Range Hoods

Proper kitchen ventilation helps reduce moisture in the air, strong odors, and smoke in some instances.  We use ridged metal pipe with screens and external dampers to prevent rodent and back-draft of exterior air.  Some range hoods require little power usage, and some require special or dedicated electrical needs that are not a challenge for our electricians.  We install traditional metal range hoods, cabinetry integrated hoods with special blowers, wall or ceiling mounted chimney style hoods, telescoping downdraft with cook tops, downdraft ranges, hoods with separate in line and external mounted motors, and over the range style microwave/vent combo units.



Proper installation of a refrigerator is not just plug and go (though we do recommend you plug it in at some point).  It is best to take the time to completely unpack the appliance and check each piece for good condition and installation.  Leveling a refrigerator in its location is the most important thing so it will fit squarely in its space, and the doors and drawers will function properly.  When remodeling, we try to set up new water cutoff connections that are quickly accessible if there is a failure with the refrigerator, often under the kitchen sink with other water valves.  When we install cabinetry we try to leave an extra fraction of an inch when the design allows to make removal a little easier.  We offer installation of free standing full size and mini refrigerators as well as a variety of built in models with trim kits, double units, over sized residential up to 48" wide, and with integrated cabinetry panels.


Microwave Installation

Some microwaves still just sit on the counter and plug in so that no installation is required.  (Sometimes it is that easy).  We find that many kitchens are designed to where a built in model works better.  We may spend more time pre-planning this type of installation than it takes to select the microwave you want to purchase. We want to be part of the planning process to ensure a proper fit and we meet all appliance and cabinet manufacturers requirements.  We offer installation of Over-the-Range microwave/hood units (including ducting), built in wall mounted microwaves with trim kits, microwave drawer models (often installed in base cabinetry), and microwaves installed in conjunction in with wall ovens and other built in appliances where multiple specifications should be considered.


Kitchen Range Installation



Wall Oven Installation

Wall Ovens


Cook Top Installation

A separate cook top set into a countertop as a drop in or slide in style can give flexibility to the look and function of a kitchen.  This allows the option of the oven to be below the cooktop (when paired properly) or more often the oven is set in to another cabinet and higher for easier use.  Often building codes require adequate ventilation for a cooktop so a door or window in the room could meet code, but a good ventilation plan is best for moisture, smells, and smoke.  The electrical or gas supply should conform to be rated for the current or new cooktop you are installing.  If using a downdraft model the vent work should also match the manufacturer's recommendations.  Each appliance will offer specific spacing away from and below cabinetry or other combustible materials.  We offer installation of Natural Gas, Propane, and electric residential cook tops up to 48".