Meet Our Team

Andrew T. Margrave


Andrew is native to Roane County.  He first entered the construction field in the late 90's while in college as a student working in maintenance on college dorms at MTSU.  He earned his General Contractor license and started ATM Construction in 2004.  He moved back to Kingston in 2007 to be closer to family. Andrew and his wife Shana own the company and he is active as one of our General Contractors.  He enjoys camping, family, and target shooting

Shana Margrave


Shana is from Middle Tennessee and earned her design degree from Murray State University in 1997.  She has been in and around the Kitchen and Bath Design business since then.  Shana co-owns the company with Andrew and is willing to lend an idea on designs when needed.  She is currently acting as computer drafting design technician and kitchen designer.  Shana is an award winning quilter and enjoys many types of sewing and her cats.

Chip Beets


Chip began building houses in the 70's. He brings experience from several sides of the construction business including timber frame, doors & windows, siding, and insulation.  Chip is an amazing resource for teaching all of us, but his official role is General Contractor for many renovation and addition projects.  He is very active in his church and spends much of his free time letting the dog out, then back in, then back out, then back in...

Michael Bivens


Michael spent years as a licensed electrician before joining us.  He brought a variety of  experiences with him when he joined our team in 2009.  ATM Home Solutions would not be open today with out Michael Bivens.  He has been with us through bad times and good times.  He even took over the company operations on short notice when we had no one else in 2010, and again in 2012 when we needed him most.  Michael operates daily as our most experienced Project Manager and since he is a licensed electrician he is often drafted back into that trade.  He has excelled in the past 2 years installing our whole house backup generators.  He enjoys time to rest and spend time with his family.

Karen Kinzalow


Karen's official title is Office Manager Extraordinaire!  She has a combined history with the phone company running their construction projects and a number of years with a local roofing contractor.  During thr time she has been with ATM Home Solutions she has taken a tremendous load off our owners and the entire workforce at ATM.  We are completing over 200 projects a year, with 15 employees, about 100 subcontractors, a few major accounts, and more bills than I can count (seriously, we can't count them all).  She manages to keep it all together some how.  She likes spending time with her family, friends, dog, and cat.

Greg Rainey


Greg is one of those carpenter who just learned by figuring it out one day.  I would say trim and cabinetry are in his blood.  Greg as spent most of his career or more installing custom trim and cabinetry to the point he has mastered the art.  He has been with ATM for about 6 years as Project Manager typically taking projects that require the touch of a master.  He has excelled at tile, customer relations, appliance installation, and many other projects.  I hear he can paint too but I have not gotten him to admit it yet.  Greg is a people person and spends much of his free time with friends when not working on his truck or fishing.

Scott Ridenour


Scott is from Roane County and started out in his parents' furniture store and auction business calling auctions at about 10 years old.  He learned early about repairing and refinishing furniture.  Scott has always excelled at talking in every job he has had.  After painting professionally for 17 years I talked him into joining us full time as our Paint & Coating Specialist.  In this role Scott helps homeowners and business owners determine the difference from basic paint to specific tasked coatings for a variety of purposes.  Scott then coordinated one of our application crews in proper installation.  He is also our safety officer keeping us all working smarter and safer.  Scott enjoys time with family and his grandson.

Tommy Neal


Tommy has many years of experience in a variety of construction and related industries.  He keeps surprising me with the things he knows.  Tommy had a short stay in the US Army.  He brings all those skills and a different view to the table.  Tommy is our Warehouse/Shop Manager who tries to keep all our equipment organized and working properly while keeping inventory in its proper place.  He also is a good carpenter so we like to use all his skills that we can where he may be installing cabinetry one day and tearing out a bathroom the next.  Tommy spends his free time mowing, enjoying his two granddaughters Summer and Autumn, mowing, wheeling and dealing on something different each week, or more mowing.

Will Monson


Will came to ATM with experience from the plumbing industry and the furniture business.  He joined us about 5 years ago and has proven to be a good carpenter.  Will brings a smile to peoples' faces and is dedicated at any task he is given.  Will enjoys being active in his church and his house full of kids.

Victoria Taylor


Victoria's first project with ATM was on a backhoe helping dig up a septic tank at 16 years old.  She hired on officially a couple of years ago and is becoming a good carpenter.  She is the first to grab a 50lb bag of mortar and head up hill to a job site.  She enjoys projects at home and learning new things on the job.

Mark Tidwell


Mark has spent the better part of 3 decades in the kitchen and cabinetry business after earning his degree in architecture.  A cabinet maker by trade, Mark understands the essence of cabinetry inside and out including the nature of different types of wood and what they can and can not do.  Mark worked with Shana Margrave before the formation of ATM.  He actually brought Andrew and Shana together.  (Thanks Mark!)  He moved here from Middle Tennessee to help open our new Design Showroom in Kingston last year.  Mark is an established Kitchen designer and enjoys meeting new people and helping them put their dreams first onto paper, then into reality.  Mark enjoys cooking, time with family, and his church in Oak Ridge.

Cat Renteria


Cat joined us during a particularly difficult project and of the 20 or so people we hired that summer he was the only one that remained.  Since he decided to stick it out so did we.  Cat has continued to learn and is becoming a qualified carpenter and proves to be a valuable asset and can help in any trade.  He values his family and spends time with them when ever he can.

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