Construction Planning Process


Phone Consultation - Free

Reach out to us and set up a time to speak with one of our Renovation Specialist about your project. We will be able to give you some tips on your weekend project, or help you brain storm on a future renovation project.

Budget Planning - Free

We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your existing construction plans and help you prepare a working budget, so you have some direction as your layout your new space. We can meet at our showroom or at your home.

Research Goals - Free

We want to work with you to review what your goals are for you new or existing space. This is not a list of cabinet sizes or paint colors; rather us developing an understanding of what you need to accomplish in a given space. At this stage we want to get you to thinking about some of the things that are possible.

Free Estimate on your plans - Free

We can prepare a detailed estimate of your renovation project based on your construction plans and drawings. We would need to review the space you have to work with and the specifications of what you anticipate. We can schedule a time to meet with you at your home or business after a free phone consultation.

In store Consultation - Free

Speak with our Kitchen and Bath Designer about your project by phone or schedule a time to come to the showroom and show us what you want your project will to be. Remember to bring some pictures and any measurements you have. We help you get a good start in the right direction, and begin to show you what is possible.

Construction Planning – Step 1.   $150 Retainer

A Renovation Specialist will meet you and prepare a full assessment of your space to be provided to your designer. We will be looking for space planning, water or rodent and/or pest damage, building code concerns, environmental concerns, or other physical aspects of the space. We additionally want to brain storm with you about your ideas for your new space so we better understand where to look. (This deposit is credited to you toward your renovation project and includes step 2 and 3 below.)

Construction Planning – Step 2.  Included

Our Renovations Specialist will return to your home to review your near final designs and reexamine the space and work with you about how we will physically accomplish the changes to your home. We will compare the designs to the space and reconfirm accuracy and recommend any changes to the plan. (This service is included with your renovation deposit above.)

Construction Planning – Step 3.  Included

Our renovation specialist will meet with you and review the detailed scope of work showing what all physical changes that are to be made to your home with pricing for these items. Some things may be beyond what we are able to determine and all this will be reviewed at that time. (This service is included in your construction retainer above.)

Trade Professionals  $0 - $300 Retainer

Your project may require that we have one or more of our trade professionals visit your home or assess your plans and drawings from a distance. This gives you better access to the best minds to build your project. We have relationships with many of our trade professionals who can come out at a reduced cost, or no cost at all, to give their specific advice or input toward your future project. (Sometimes specialist such as an Electrician or Plumber may spend 2-4 hours or more diagnosing a specific concern.)

Project Design Service   $600 Retainer

One of our professional designers will visit with you in your home (up to 3 trips as needed) as well as at our showroom to prepare sets of detailed design drawings for your project. This includes up to 3 full set of revisions. If needed, we will assign one of our General Contractors to prepare a construction plan with full estimates at no additional charge. (This cost is a deposit and will be credited toward your purchase of cabinets or renovation work over $4,000.)

Other Design Services

Additional interior design services are available beyond the retainer listed above and will be charged at $75 per hour and can be estimated before services are performed.

Architects, Engineers, and other Services - To Be Determined

If your project requires an Architect, Engineer, Land Survey, or other professional services we will work with you and them on the layout of your project as part of our Design Service or Construction Planning Service detailed above. The cost of these additional professionals will vary and can be estimated after we know the scope of your project during the initial budgeting process.